Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Children Know How

What would it take?

Trust, Intuition, and Reaching out from the Heart.





Why are children so much better at this than most adults?


What are they "taught" that makes this disappear as they grow up, in most cases?


How can we get it back?

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Trusting a Child's Intuition

Can we teach children, and be quiet long enough, to let the child teach us back? 


Have a look at Mr. John Hunter's report about a game that we should all play, learn, and teach from ...



Here are the Steps ...




If you are evolving a personal "It's too late for us ..." feeling. Give it up. Be courageous.


Find your courage here:





The World Peace Game is  now a Foundation!



What do you think? Children will meet the Challenge, probably better than adults. And "better" means, more effectively, more consistently, and without giving up when it feels like work.






Of course, and how reassuring, our children are not alone in this.


Need more proof or more hope? World Vision Youth.  Those to whom we have handed our planet, Facing future Now..


PeaceJam has for years now, linked children to Nobel Peace Laureates. Watch this, listen, learn, get excited. Peace can be taught :


How many wars can you name? How many Peace Laureates can you name? What was wrong with your education?!




Attend the 4th Annual California Global Youth Peace Summit June 14th to 20th, 2016.



Eiei Phoo is a young Apsaras. An Apsaras is a carved dance figure on the temples at Ankor Wat (and others) that I was privileged to see, touch and be touched by as a child. She is a Cambodian refugee. Her site is linked to CERI, the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants.


Eiei Phoo wrote :


"The most important thing I learned at the Amala Global Youth Peace Summit Camp is that people shouldn’t go to sleep with a stone in their heart. This is really hard for some people because some people choose to keep the things that bother them inside their heart and they’re afraid to let their inner emotions be heard. Trying to sleep it off only makes it worse.
I learned how to let go my of negative emotions and my burdens."

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