Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Our Target Calendar


Use this calendar to focus your targeted energies, and combine them with others, as you meet The Challenge, and


Send Them Peace 


Our Target Calendar is in the Lateral Menu on the right. You can use the button there, at the top right of the Calendar "[   ]" to enlarge it to Full Screen, or click this link.


The calendar gives one time to prepare, and to better understand and acquire knowledge about why a certain Target has been selected. Invariably, a Target demonstates a marked deficiency in the domain of Peace and Human Compassion. The Challenge seeks to remedy that.  A given Target may be assigned to one or several consecutive days on the Calendar. It may be re-scheduled again at a later date. 


While mentioned elsewhere, the "knowledge acqusition" period, mentionned above, should accomplish giving you a very personal feel for the issues involved in a given Target. And it is good that not everyone will "pick up" the same information. But during your participation in The Challenge, do not try to think your way through solving each and every problem, in detail, program after program, as though you have a checklist in mind and are busy checking issues off like a Scout Leader. This, I believe, may be asking for failure and frustration. Instead, now that you have familiarized yourself with the issues, set them aside. Then from a very personal, very present, and very positive inner place of feeling Compassion for these sources of suffering, sense your Self, with confidence, but especially motivated by feeling rather than thought,... Send(ing) Them Peace.  Do not worry that a given Target does not display all, or even any, of the problems that the Guided Exo-Meditation, if you are using it, mentions. These are simply examples, and while frequently found in many Targets today, because war is currently wide spread, are there to simply give you an awareness of a space in our World, where Compassion is sorely lacking. Similarly, the "improved" situation, resulting from your intervention with others, need not be taken factually. The gift that each person brings to the Target, will not be identical. But it is very personal. Feel it that way as strongly as you can. Don't send strings of detailed "solution thoughts." Compared with the strength of your feelings, these are very weak. 


The first Target scheduled was Syria, active thru December 6th. From December 7th thru the 16th, The United States of America. After that, Dec 17th thru the 26th: Yemen, and focusing in particular on human trafficking and Women's Lives in Yemen. From December 27th thru January 5th, 2016, The Challenge addresed Violence Against Women. From January 6th - 15th, Burundi. From Jan. 16-25th, Cambodia. Here is the STP Overview for Cambodia, where corruption inside and outside government remains a major impediment to Compassion and Peaceful existence.  From January 26th - Feb. 4th, Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Here, the STP Overview for the D.R.C. ). From Feb. 5th - Feb. 14, Violence Against Women. While this target was focused on recently, the needs remain quite impressive. Feb.15th - 24th, our STP Target was Afghanistan. Feb.25th - Mar.5th the Target is Bosnia & Herzegovina. Mar. 6th - Mar.15th : Myanmar (Burma). STP Overview for Myanmar.  Mar. 16th - Mar. 27th - Somalia. Through May 31,  The World. Click to read more about our approach to this major extension of The Challenge Israel - Target for June 1 to June 10 (STP Overview). Other targets will be added soon. Click the following link to begin your studies, or to acquire more knowledge about these Targets.


Current Target:   Our Entire World! Wow!, from May 1 thru Tuesday, May 15. Here is our STP Overview of this Target. Be confident, and if not today, join with others tomorrow in practicing The Challenge worldwide. To see when it starts where you are, click "Starts When?" or in the Menu above.


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 Through dialogue and the right tools ...


 Diversitas hodie, sed cras Iunctus

 Diversity today, but tomorrow Unity




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