Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

The Guided Exo-Meditations (GEMs)

At least 3 principles contribute to the work here:


  1. If the terrain is new to you, a Guide may be welcome.
  2. Shortcuts are not risk free, but can present advantages.
  3. If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be research.

In a past segment of life, I was working in a Surgical Research Laboratory, accompanied one day by a Medical Student. At a certain point, in response to seeing me decide rather intuitively and without hesitation to do something to advance our work, he asked: "How did you know to do that?" My answer was #3 above.


Two directives permit such action:


  • "That which is genuine has no models or rules."
  • "There is no greater illusion than fear." (Tao Te Ching ~ Lao Tzu)


On this page are placed varying Levels of Guided Exo-Meditations, abbreviated GEMs. 


  • GEMs exist to offer a path to follow in meeting The Challenge. 
  • Travelling that path from beginning to end, takes 20 minutes.
  • For those already familiar with the terrain, a simple 20 minute timer, included below, may suffice.
  • For those unfamiliar with the right path, the movement from Level 1 to higher Levels, is a movement from more structured guidance, encouraging the neophyte to keep to the path, but eventually offering more liberty, leaving more space and time to explore one's surroundings freely at will.
  • Brainwave entrainment (BWE) has been added to the basic GEMs, to create a second matching set of GEMs with BWE. These place the simple recordings in an environment of alpha and theta brainwave frequencies to assist in quieting the mind and reaching present awareness more efficiently. They also present gamma waves (not gamma rays!) that have frequently been demonstrated on EEGs obtained during meditations on compassion. Compassion mindfulness is a key ingredient to our work here. Herein, gamma waves might be found in a range from 40 to 77 Hertz (Hz), in these GEMs with BWE, most are centered around 44 Hz. While the brain normally emits or sends out an entire family of wave frequencies, certain more present during certain states (e.g., dreamless sleep, meditation, quiet rest, alert study, arousal, anxiety), BWE seeks to place frequencies known to be associated with certain states of consciousness, into the brain, enticing it to follow along, allowing it to be entrained. This also contributes to a state of cerebral hemispheric symmetry associated with a centered state. If these states can contribute to meeting The Challenge, then they should be considered a shortcut. The risk associated with this shortcut is one usually cited as a disclaimer aimed at protecting parties on both sides of their being offered and used. It is that those with epilepsy, and those operating equipment requiring focused attention, should consider not using BWE. These frequencies are developed using a technique called binaural beats. You should use headphones or earbuds when using the BWE recordings. Read more about BWE here if you like. You are encouraged to seek more information on your own, through searching the Internet, or books on the subject, available in ever increasing numbers.  Perhaps, Brainwave Entrainment 101, to begin.
  • As one becomes familiar with the path of 12 Presences embodying The Challenge, GEMs at different Levels, with and without BWE, should be tried to investigate their effectiveness personally. Moving sequentially, from one to another at a higher Level, may also be of use. Finding the right Level does not come with a User's Manual other than the present information, so assess the results of their use by personal comfort and intuition, by comparing one with another, as one does when encountering most other things in one's life. Trust in your assessment, seeing but especially feeling, how things subsequently go during The Challenge, and throughout your day.
  • As presented elsewhere on this site, the "E" in GEM stands for "Exo-," as in Guided Exo-Meditation. I use that to distinguish from an Endo-Meditation that most people are doing when quietly exploring Self and Presence through mindfulness and other forms of meditation commonly practiced. If that involves and obtains a moving in, "Exo-" meditation aims to focus one's awareness outwards towards our world, maintaining focus on, and becoming one with, a Target needing Compassionate Action to create Peace. Ultimately, the two forms encounter each other on this path. Enough, or too much said, but if you know nothing about the practice of Meditation, this may be of help.
  • Each GEM is presented below, with a brief explanation of its composition and intended purpose, and a link to open the recording (in MP3 format) on a new page in your browser.
  • This 20 minute trek through consciousness is actually less complicated than some will have found this explanation. Simply practice The Challenge each day, and see your strength as a Peace Warrior increase. "Practice not-doing, and everything will fall into place." (Tao Te Ching ~ Lao Tzu)


GEMs without BWE :



Level 1 GEM - the War Zone 


  • Since many Targets selected at are quite actually at war, this Guide presents and moves through such an environment.
  • As a Guide, it is very present, leaving little room to wander out on your own. If you are just embarking on this practice, it is hoped that this close involvement will offer reassurance rather than meddlesome interference.
  • It includes : a bell for timing 20 minutes at beginning and end; quieting and centering; incorporates movement through 12 Presences without explaining these; it presents the Target as one found it in one's preparatory studies; moves from this Past for the Target, into a restorative Present, where Compassionate Action can be offered to send your very present, positive and personal gift of Peace where needed.
  • It encourages liberally sharing this GEM with others, thereby adding energy to the flow which is The Challenge.


Level 2a GEM - The 12 Presences : fully guided


  • In trying to keep within the 20 minute time limit for The Challenge, this recording was sped up 9% to make the 12 presences "fit" ! I find the resulting speech a bit pressured. This may not be the best way to lead a listener into quiet centeredness. Nevertheless, it does get the job done of introducing the 12 Presences. If limiting your practice to 20 minutes is essential, consider using it. Else, see version 2b below. 
  • One could also use this as a lecture rather than a guided meditation, to gain exposure to the 12 steps that compose this practice. These stepping stones have also been presented in an article, if you prefer to read them first.


Level 2b GEM - The 12 Presences : fully guided. Duration : 23 min 41 seconds.


  • The goal of explaining these 12 components is achieved as with the version 2a, but with a bit less speed. Certainly more conducive to being Guided without being verbally battered! You will be adding 3 minutes 41 seconds to your participation in The Challenge. Thank you.


Level 3a GEM - The 12 Presences : Summarized


  • This Guide makes, like with a machete, the first cuts defining the path, but quickly retreats to leave you space and time to advance further on your own, until you arrive at the next Presence.
  • The 12 Presences are summarized during one-third of the duration, leaving two-thirds for you to move further in silence, into Exo-Meditation through the portal of each Presence. 
  • The Attention one paid during one's Study of the Target, now returns as feeling, and the Intention maintained and perfected during this practice, discovers, develops and sends Compassionate Action to where it is most needed.


Level 3b GEM - The 12 Presences : Summarized, with paired breathing 


  • This is identical to Level 3a GEM, but adds something. This "something" you may decide for or against, hence the 3a, 3b versions.
  • It includes the sound of breathing: this, to remind one to be conscious in one's breathing, but also to remind that others join with you in this practice of The Challenge. While one can try and breathe with this "other," it is probably best to simply add one's own comfortable breathing to this sound, without becoming concerned or lost in thoughts about matching this perfectly. Just notice that it too is present with you in this awareness, sometimes overlapping your own breathing, sharing in and unified by The Challenge.


Level 4 GEM - The 12 Presences : Headings only


  • To further increase the opportunity for moving out into one's Exo-Meditation uninterrupted, only the Heading for each of the 12 Presences is quickly presented to help keep one on track. 
  • A bell or chime, called a "tingsha" rings twice, at beginning and end, to delimit The Challenge's 20 minutes.


Level 5 GEM - Target, Our World : Headings only for each of the 12 Presences


  • To further increase the opportunity for moving out into one's Exo-Meditation uninterrupted, only the Heading for each of the 12 Presences is quickly presented to help keep one on track. 
  • A bell or chime, called a "tingsha" rings twice, at beginning and end, to delimit The Challenge's 20 minutes.



Level 6 - 20 minute timer 


  • Like making a hard-boiled egg, this rings at the start, and again after 20 minutes to inform that your egg, (and Exo-Meditation) is cooked! It also displays a digital timer, showing elapsed time.
  • It is presented as a higher-Level timer, since the Guide stays at the base camp, and you voyage out on your own, a trek informed by your own choice of centering practice as you meet The Challenge.

GEMs with BWE : 


Level 1 GEM - the War Zone, with BWE

Level 2a GEM - the 12 Presences, fully Guided, with BWE


Level 2b GEM - The 12 Presences : fully guided. Duration : 23 min 41 seconds, with BWE.


Level 3a GEM - The 12 Presences : Summarized, with BWE     <<<<<< Current Favorite !!


Level 3b GEM - The 12 Presences : Summarized, with paired breathing and BWE


Level 4 GEM - The 12 Presences : Headings only, with BWE


Level 5 GEM - Target, Our World : with BWE      <<<<<<< Newest Addition, May 16 !!!


Level 6 - 20 minute timer with BWE


  • All exactly as above, but surrounded by a BWE ecosphere.


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