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This site offers a Challenge to the World!  What an exciting time!



If a monkey can learn to control with its thoughts, a robot on the other side of the world, no strings attached, (more explanation to follow), can humans learn to control difficult situations and people by creating Peace from within? Can we start by finding Peace within, and next, learn how to send this Peace outwards in an effective way? :    In a World Changing Way?


And if you respond here : "... maybe not," and are already prepared to stop reading, I personally find that reaction not only quite sad, but now, given our world's situation in many places, totally unacceptable : an easy surrender. So if you don't want to contribute to getting this done (do not interpret "contribute" as a request for money),... perhaps you're right, and so quickly leave this site. But take whatever Peace you might find here with you, as you go. Or risk reading on ...


How dangerous to say it, but what the murderers and intentional Peace-destroyers of the world need now is : compassion.


Not a war, not rockets, bombs nor bullets, and not a social reform and re-education program administered by outsiders.




Unfortunately here again, many will say: "I've read just about enough. Now how in the hell can "compassion" hope to have any effect against the hatefulness and destruction one witnesses more and more frequently in our world?"

You don't know? Then learning together on this site how to answer that question becomes essential: An urgent task.


Can you feel it? Can you feel the war energy rising? I also hope that you have some saving, personal link to Peace in your life. Hopefully enough to offset the other entity, which is only, and as always, a fully destructive energy. Those who embody it, are of course rotting from the inside out.

So how can "compassion" possibly win?  Only through a mass effect.


And that is The Challenge that will be presented (see link below), defined, taught, sought after and supported on this site.


What will one find here ? 

  • The Challenge.
  • Our Target Calendar for The Challenge in the Lateral Menu on the right (click its icon at the top right to view Full Frame).
  • The creation of a learning environment aimed at meeting The Challenge.
  • The application of everything Informatic/ Internet/ App Developer/ Communications tool and opportunity possible, and made possible, to meet The Challenge.
  • A reminder that the time has simply arrived. Mark it on your calendar so you can remember when it happened. It is Now.  It is time for us to evolve right now from where we've been, to where we're going. Those two directions in time are currently less important. I'm not saying humanity has no future. I'm not saying it shouldn't seek to learn from its past. I'm saying that now is the time to evolve that tool which will, with daily application, make that future more than possible, but even desireable: And in fact, beyond belief. Beyond what we can possibly know now, or permit ourselves to hope for.
  • It is likely that this site will Challenge you, daily. Don't give up. Believe. In what? In yourself. Believe in others just like you, or similar enough to you that you come to find yourself in them. That may be a larger group than you realise. Believe in our world, and your innate ability to place beauty in it, and thereby, correct its separation from Peace. I'm confident you can do this.
  • An open invitation to participate. Clearly, this is not to be guided by a solitary guide, crying in the wilderness. We are all The Guide, all an indispensable part, but especially, when united as one. Isn't that Peace? Now, we should focus on letting it happen: on facilitating Peace and its birthing. All the reasons for not having Peace are fears. It is time to put these fears aside. Now.

What will one NOT  find here ? 

  • A preference for or preaching of a specific religion or spiritual dogma and practice such as Christianism, Confucianism, Islamism, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, Platonism, Hedonism, Materialism, Absurdism, Consumerism, Atheism, Agnosticism, or any other "-ism" than you can name : this list was not meant to be inclusive nor exclusive. Contributions arising from any such source will always be welcome, as long as their intent and actual effect, is sending Peace where it is needed.
  • You will not find detailed instructions, except perhaps through links, about how to learn and do meditation or similar practice, to get away from the world and all its problems that may be causing you stress. You may feel that you need a practice to get you out of this world. But here instead, you will learn how to do a practice that will get you into this world. Here we will strive to practice what I will call, exomeditation rather than endomeditation. Can one fix the world before fixing one's self? We'll see.
  • Just to be clear, and The Challenge, have NOTHING TO DO WITH TM (Transcendental Meditation, nor Maharishi University of Management).
  • You should not find doctrinaire opinions about right and wrong, argument and review of fundamental beliefs leading to actions that destroy Peace, and Peaceful living. A human heart needs no outside guide to sense injustice and hatred, nor to accurately and quickly recognize the consequences of such hatred.
  • This site will not focus primarily on non-Peaceful situations selected or styled after the media. You already see, hear and know what they are selling. It's their job. So be it. May they learn to do it well without increasing fear and prejudice. They too can be contributors here. But there are so many more occasions to send Peace where it is needed, that the less dramatic and "photo opportunity" horror shows must no longer monopolize your attention and mine. Getting "hot" on one specific horror zone, is simply to promulgate fear, to shed heat, but often, not much light.
  • While "compassion" and "intolerance" would not seem to go well together at all, this site will not tolerate for long, arguments based in prejudice. To go one step beyond, this site will tolerate poorly suggestions or arguments that The Challenge cannot be met, and will never be met. Such arguments will be politely dismissed or simply ignored. There is work to be done, and energy to conserve for that work.
  • Long or opinionated diatribes from this site's originator and moderators will be carefully avoided. Once you have signed up, if you so elect, you can decide what you may receive in the way of updates, notices, comments, comments on your comments, Newsletters, etc. Just as it should be. And if you don't sign up, come by often to see how well The Challenge is being met.


Welcome. And Peace Be With Us All.


Does that sound a bit quasi-religious or simplistic?


It will stay that way only if you decide not to participate in ...


The Challenge. 

If you don't make this happen, who will ? Go ahead. Say: "I'm in!" and be a Peace Warrior.



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Diversitas hodie, sed cras Iunctus
Diversity today, but tomorrow Unity


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