Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Welcome to Europe!


Tear gas !


In Macedonia, Police in Indomedi have now taken to tear gassing men, women, children of all ages, and babies.


Look at this gallerie of images, but at your own risk.




Absolute craziness!  And unfortunately in Europe, where few refugees/ migrants have been placed, this is only the beginning.


Screaming into phone.jpg"Hello? Prime Minister? Don't want dirty migrants in your clean country?  OK. How about showing your face in the political world to do what is necessary to bring Peace in Syria? Could you do that? Use all available resources to put pressure on the involved parties, and bring Peace to Syria. Could you do that? All of these refugee problems would quickly disappear. Bring Peace, not warmongering and power plays by the "big guys." Could you do that? These people want to return home to Syria. They have already said so, many times. Could you spend a moment instead of hiding under your desk to avoid, "the refugee problem," and "the Big Guys," ... could you SendThemPeace? Could you do that? And thank you for your time."


Time to get these guys, and a few others, on the line ...




Putin on the phone.jpg


So. Did you call?

Were you told "They're too busy to take your call right now. Please call back..." ?


Press your politicians

to boycott all the products/ industry/ trades/ tourist industry, of all the warmongering countries that are keeping the Syrian war going on and on.

It's more than just terrorism. Are you kidding me? Follow the dollar, and the ruble, and the €uro. 


Too busy to do that? Maybe the next canister of tear gas that you sniff will be in your neighborhood.

Who's to tell?


 OK. I'm going to go calm down now ... Disgraceful!





 Save this collage, paste it on your site, and share widely. Let the world know ...


Tear gas.jpg




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