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Navigating This Site


Where Things Are Located, Membership, Language Issues - "get acquainted," and "how stuff gets done on this site" type of info. Because the base language for this blog provider is French, it requires a few adjustments and a little translation, to make your English-based visit easy. There shouldn't be too much suffereing imposed, I don't think. Least, I hope not. A language box at the upper right above the Lateral Menu, can be used for "get the sense of things" translations, but these are frequently less than uniformly satisfactory. Something isn't clear? Fire off an email to :


Membership : How to Sign Up - Also, this article addresses How To Log In once you're a Member. Boring? Yes. Standard fare? Yes. Nothing out of the ordinary. Allows one to select options about notifications, Newsletters, etc.  



The Challenge

The Challenge - is the defining article for this pursuit of Peace. Here you will find the summary of the protocol to follow, and that others will be following with you.


        Questions Answered  - This is a subcategory where questions raised by The Challenge are answered (when possible) and placed.


"When Does This Happen?" - a series of World Clocks to facilitate coordination of the execution of The Challenge. 12:00 noon GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is "zero hour" each day. The article explains more.


"How Does This Work?" - a very good question. You'll find the flow of this process represented and explained here.


"Where can I learn about how to meet The Challenge?" - There are steps along the path that are presented and described here in a video : 12 Presences that lead to optimizing awareness for meeting The Challenge.


If the Challenge seems naive to you ... - You may be in the wrong space. Let me explain.


"So You're Doing Mental Telepathy Here, Is that It? (Part 1) - A historical look at how psychiatry/ psychology worked very hard to assure its dominance over Spirit, and in this case, psychical research. From origins in the 19th century to very recently, a systematic purge was in the works. 


Q: "Mental Telepathy? ..." (Part II) - Conclusion from Part 1. Yes, it would seem that Science and Spirituality are moving closer.  Reassuring. What can be learned, extracted, and applied at A practice of collecting useful tools is most important, without falling into being exclusionary.


"Excuse me, but what you’re trying to do ..., isn’t that just a bit crazy?" - Certainly. So? Maybe I'm missing your concern... look and listen to the wonderful video on this page.


"I don’t think I can do this. How can I know if I’m strong enough to make this happen?" - Enter 12 values in The Peace Warrior evaluator to see a summary of your strengths and weaknesses, and where they are located. Assessing one's current capabilities is the first step to embarking on training as a Peace Warrior. Following a 20 minute Guided Exo-Meditation or GEM, may be the second step to understanding. There are no failing grades. All beginnings may seem difficult.


Methodology - What tools do we apply or develop to meet The Challenge? Some are computer or technical tools, others more personal ...


1st: Teaching Meditation is not the goal here - The type of practice required in meeting The Challenge is covered elsewhere. But if you do not now have a Meditation practice, and would like to learn more about where to find instruction in such practice, click on the first link in the preceding line, and learn about several sources from very good teachers.


An Introduction: Just Another Prayer Group, or Something Else? (Part I) - Why do people form groups to get their work done?


Just Another Prayer Group, or Something Else? (Pat II) - Monastics might be experts in getting this done effectively,... let's ask.


Toolbox Search - Do you have the tool that is looking for? Great! Can we borrow it for just a bit? Please?


Brainstorms - A fascinating look at NeuroEngineering, but more importantly, at where the frontier is located in Brain-To-Brain Communication.


Manifesting Peace & Compassion, at a distance. - In looking through our toolbox, searching for methods to make The Challenge as effective as possible, one notices several interfaces. One finds tools formed by Medicine and the Scientific Method (perhaps a misnomer). On finds Healing based on Trust. A shaman in the Kalahari might have and use such a tool. One also finds tools that were dismissed previously, that are now gradually Becoming Medicine.


Distant Healing - How to react, and what can we learn and apply, as Medicine risks coming closer to interventions arising more in Spirit than Matter.


Components of The Challenge : At one with others in creation - What are the steps around the circular path that leads to compassionate action? How many steps are there? How does one stay focused to not fall off the path, nor slip between its stones?


GEMs : 

A Guided Exo-Meditation - this offering is intended as an aid to Exo-Meditation. As opposed to what I call Endo-Meditation, a practice of self-awareness. Exo-Meditation is a practice of World-Awareness. Eventually and inescapably, both practices meet. The article, which you can download, serves as an aid as you arrive to meet The Challenge. Placing you, guiding you, into that space where Targetting becomes possible. You may not need it. If you do, find a selection of GEMs and their explanations here. The recording of the first of these meditations, which you can also download or listen to on the site, is located lere.


A Guided Exo-Meditation, with Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) - Do you already know about BWE? Give it a try to see if its useful for you. Have no idea? Read the article, and if everything fits, give it a try as well.


20 Minute Timer - just that. A simple timer that rings as you open it, and 20 minutes later. Nothing but space in between, without a Guided Meditation. This link opens the page with The Challenge. Click on the link at the bottom of the page, and a new page opens and the 20 Minute Timer starts automatically and rings 20 Minutes later.


Target the World (Level 5) - while Targets here at are usually individual countries or topics such as Violence Against Women, our World taken as a whole can also be a worthy target. Here is a Guided Exo-Meditation to help you apply the 12 Presences to our World. 20 minutes as always.


All the GEMs - This page explains Guided Exo-Meditation (GEM), Brainwave or neural Entrainment (BWE), and contains links to the GEMS, with or without BWE. Give them a try. Start at the lower levels, and progress to the higher levels. Notice also, a link is present above in the horizontal menu.


Peace Warrior Tools: A 10 minute audio - Here is a 10 minute audio which contains subliminal affirmations, reinforcing the tools that each Peace Warrior is now developing. This method serves to assist in meeting The Challenge at


How? - Through compassionate action at a distance. Join us each day for 20 minutes for The Challenge, and plant a seed. You may be surprised to find what blossoms in others, but also in yourself. "... at a distance?" you ask. Yes. It's just distance: not separation.




The STP Lab - A local for investigating scientifically, things usually viewed as being unscientific or non-scientific. Already, this seems complicated. Perhaps the problem of approach includes identification of preconceived notions about a topic. If we start from a position of: "That just can't be!" perhaps the only place to finish will be "That just can't be." So let's try to find that parallel universe where hard to fathom observations can be openly explored. Might even learn something.


Breaking New Ground - What is the hypothesis here at the lab? Let's phrase it like this :  That a method exists that can be discovered or developed, to reduce or remove violence from our lives through mass action of global consciousness, directed at specific targets, acting at a distance, at specific times, and for a specific duration. "And what is your method?"  ... well, isn't that a good question! Join us in the lab from time to time to find out.


How? - "By what method?" and "How would you know?" - two Ed Deming quotes to get us started. A presentation of the approach to be applied in the STP Lab. This page also serves as the Index of Work going on at the STP Lab Benches. 


STP Bench Number 1 - Initial Introduction to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ph.D, and the concept of Challenge level, Skill level, and Flow when these are well matched.


STP Bench Number 2 - Initial Introduction to Elizabeth A. Stanley, Ph.D, and Mindfulness-Based Fitness practice and study in developing competencies for Military Infantry before deployment, and to avert the ravages of war within those whose Mission is to be a Warrior, both during and after combat. 


STP Bench Number 3 - Initial Introduction to HeartMath, and their movement from founders, to present day. The "Individual Coherence" to "Social Coherence," to "Global Coherence" transition and evolution is of particular interest at, and will be followed closely. What can the STP Lab investigate in terms of how HeartMath defines and implements "Heart Coherence"? See the first Updates below.



STP Bench 3 Update - Data from Drew. An analysis of an emWave2 user's data.


STP Bench 3 Update - a look at HeartMath’s "Achievement" variable when using emWave2.


STP Bench 3 Update - Ripples in the pond - finding one's way back to a Central SCIENTIFIC Observation.


STP Bench 3 Update - Science or Theatre? - we'll let you decide. Are they making the world more peaceful, or just selling something?


STP Bench 3 Update - Review of a HeartMath book, "Heart Intelligence." - A Reader's Notes and reactions. Useful, or just marketing medical soundalikes to pull in business?


STP Bench Number 4 - Initial Introduction to the STP Memorial Library. We found a little bit of extra room here in the SendThemPeace virtual lab. So Bench #4 was designated as a Science Library. We are hoping that it will serve to shed light as well as heat in the domain of Science, something that could eventually contribute to obtaining Peace on our planet Earth. Looking for a clear and simple explanation of Quantum Mechanics to help you move your particles and thoughts through space? Forget it! That simple explanation shouldn't exist and probably doesn't. But we'll keep looking and place our results here in the STP Memorial Library when we find something interesting.


Q: "What Was That PEAR Thing All About?" - At Princeton University in 1976, an undergraduate decided she'd like to look into controlling a machine with her mind. And after 25+ years of research, where did that get to? What are the important conclusions that came out of PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) Lab, and where should that lead us for further research?


STP Bench 4 Update - The Newtonian vs. Psi Struggle for Truth - was all of Newton's work and interest limited to what came to be called classical physics? Or did he dabble a bit in Psi as well? Well, he more than dabbled ...


STP Bench 4 Update - "Quantum Activism" - now what would that be? You should ask Professor Amit Goswami.



Targets - what is aiming at?


"Bombs Away !!" - Does that sound Peaceful?


Targets - If you don't like the term, because it sounds like entities are going to be turned into objects and sighted upon ... what if these targets were being designated to receive only good things and positive energy? More practically, this is where one lists those countries or entities that desperately need Peace, Compassion, and the effectiveness of The Challenge. A place for Target history, and current situation, that seems to attract The Challenge. Have a look. 


Yes. The Problems are Big Problems. See them. Feel them. Let them change you. Solve them. - fortunately, has an ally in this. A Miracle! Read more about how Targets need to be presented based in knowledge, identified and prioritized in a way that avoids "burnout," and contributes to exciting success.


Seeing Beyond The Proposed Target - can your energy of Compassion and Peace, sent during The Challenge, go off Target? ... probably not.


Are STP Targets just "Bad Countries"? - What is a "Bad Country" you ask? It is a country that exists in extreme selfishness from a global perspective. National boundaries are rapidly becoming obsolete markers on a map, when one widens one's view to a global perspective. Discover the work of Simon Anholt and The Good Country Index. Which country does the most good for the world? Do you know the answer? And what should the answer be based on?


Our World as Target - read this article to better understand our extension of The Challenge from a specific country or topic, to a more global approach.


Our Target Calendar - This can be found at this link, or simply at the right in the Lateral Menu. There it's a bit squashed. But by clicking on the [frame] at the upper right above the calendar, it opens into Full Page View. The magnifying glass on the left opens up a choice of formats, a Pinboard, an Agenda, and a Monthly Calendar. This also opens a Search Box. The Target Calendar services several useful functions. By identifying Targets ahead of time, you can learn just a bit more about the history and current status of the Target, allowing one to get a litle closer to the Target, which can only help in the Challenge. 


Fear As Target - As one studies one STP Target after another, can one find commonality rather than differences? Can one identify universal motivators to violent behavior? Fear might be one good example. What do people fear? Have you asked them? In Cambodia, in Austin, Texas, in the Central African Republic, ... what do people fear? What do you fear? What are the relationships of fear(s), violence, communication and compassionate action?


STP Target Overviews  - A convenient way to educate yourself about a selected Target at As you will see below when you click on a link, each Target is presented with critical headings. Each heading offers a link aimed at efficiently obtaining a sense of the Target's status. Just try one and you'll understand immediately. This is a great way to obtain Knowledge during your preparation for participating in The Challenge. The links are also included on the Calendar at right in the Lateral Menu.



Afghanistan - an STP Target Overview. 


Burundi - an STP Target Overview.


Cambodia - an STP Target Overview.


The Democratic Republic of the Congo - an STP Target Overview. 


Myanmar (Burma) - an STP Overview.


Somalia - an STP Target Overview.


Violence Against Women - an STP Overview. This article provides an Introduction to this difficult topic, where contributors to the problem are multiple and hard to identify. While a link between poverty and gender violence seems quite demonstrable, countries where the GDP per capita is at the top of the list, still display and suffer from Violence Against Women. Would getting rid of all the men solve the problem?! Read the article to find out.


Yemen - an STP Target Overview. 



 Perspective - It is all too easy to fall into a Chicken Little panic about our World. Thankfully, and hopefully, many trends of violence and war seem to continue a downwards trend.  There is still much to do.


Global Political Violence: What Are The Numbers? - an attempt at balanced presentation of the good as well as the bad. In a larger setting of decreasing violence since WWII, some nevertheless find an increase since 2007 in unrest throughout our world.


"Words. Pretty words." - Does dialogue lead us to where we want to be? Or are there times to put an end to dialogue, and pick up one's Ak-47 ? Retreat first in silence. Then meet The Challenge. Retreating in silence for humans, is also a challenge. But it can be done. An expression from military training: "He who fights and runs away, will live to fight another day ..." One can plagiarize and write: "He who dialogues and runs away, will live to dialogue another day." Seems like the only difference between the two is the set of tools that one carries in one's toolbox, to try and convince the opposition.


The Deepest Hunger - people in need sometimes express this to others with cardboard signs. What are the signs asking for now? More food? More water? No something else, and as old as human existence.


Migrations to Europe : 870,000 in 2015 - Currently increasing trends in this not-new human phenomenon. Variations in preparedness from one country to the next. A change in the percentage of migrants who are children, from 1 in 10, to 1 in 3.


Corruption: When those caring for government, don’t - a nice graphic from Transparency International, that prompts at least one important question, but probably several. How concerned are corrupt governments, about obtaining and maintaining Peace? How much corruption is tolerable, before revolution and coups d'états become inevitable?


Technology for Peace, or simply documenting violence? - Personal handheld technology (phones, for instance) have now advanced to places we've never been before globally. Not just in the numbers, but in a wide diversity of applications permitting photographing, commenting, sharing events and information about them in real time. Better information "from the battlefield" than Generals in past wars ever had. But does this get us closer to Peace? Or does it simply permit reacting to violence without contributing to or providing incentives to: Peace? Can technology be directed towards and further developed and refined for informing and supporting Global Consciousness, which in and of itself, could become a technology?


Are Peace and Corruption Related ? - This needs to bypass the yes or no answer (since it's a resounding "yes") to better understand the aspects of corruption that make it so directly detrimental to Peace. The Institute of Economics & Peace provides the foundation for this article.


Be A Sun! - Think of the Sun as a perfect symbol of Compassionate Action, giving of itself to create energy, light and heat for its neighbors in the surrounding Universe. The Sun intuitively understands the meaning of Abundance. Every 1.5 millionth of a second, it releases an amount of energy equal to all energy consumed on earth for a year.  So Be A Sun in your part of Our Universe!


The SPANDA Foundation - the encouraging work of Sahlan L. Momo. Especially of use is his Consciousness & Development 2.0, which presents many authors who would link themselves to the concept of "Global Consciousness." This let's one peruse, consider, and decide what one thinks about the various messages presented. Skepticism is also permitted, as well as enthusiasm.


Homicide Rates - International Comparisons  - An interesting and informative tool for looking at a difficult topic. Probably easiest is to click directly on this link to go to the Knoema site to explore this fascinating and quite fully developed tool directly.




Results -  This is a "Lest We Forget" category that presents followup on our Targets and their current situation. The Challenge : any effects of doing this? Check back here from time to time to see. We are confident this area will expand with time. Patience.


Measuring Effectiveness of The Challenge - Must one rely simply on hunches that The Challenge is working? The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) growing out of 30 years of research and work at Princeton University's PEAR project (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) would say definitely not. And what is required to make this move from hocus pokus to significant data? The INTENTION, to make our world change. As Roger D. Nelson of GCP confirms: "... compassion, is one of the most powerful drivers." How powerful? Well if you are into statistics, a 7-sigma difference from baseline. Not into statistics? HUGE.


Results : Yemen Peace Talks - these will resume January 6, 2016, but their initiation in Switzerland was seen as a positive result soon after meeting The Challenge for this Target at


Results : cease-fire in Syria. The Miracle of Love. Keep this candle lit! Just too big an ocean of suffering? Don't see it that way. Each little drop helps, and especially yours. Meet The Challenge with others each day. Here is an update on this ceasefire in May 2016. 


We Need Help With ...  -  A category to list problems for which you may have just the needed solution. Specific, concrete needs like translation, and more subtle needs like adjusting vision and tools to get us there.


When A Child Is Born - new beginnings quickly cry out to express their needs. This first article seeks translators to present The Challenge in his/ her language. An email address is given to send it to. Translations are re-read and edited by a second person speaking the language. This not only to confirm that the spirit of The Challenge is conveyed, but also to confirm that you haven't sent us your shopping list in Swahili.



Difficult Situations : Teach Me


By now perhaps, you may be sensing that The Challenge is really just that. Not an easy undertaking, nor one to be approached in a glib manner. So when suddenly something pops up that prompts a reaction like : "Wow! Now what in the world could we do about that?!" A teacher (somewhere) might have an answer. Your guru might have an answer: Ask her. You might have an answer: send it to us. So stay close.


Beyond Impasse - This subcategory closes in on how to deal with difficult, no, with "just impossible" situations. Those where the possibility of a non-violent, spiritual response seems quite distant.


Facing Rage - How do you do that? How can one do that? What are the options? From an excellent lecture by a master of life, here is a summary of some options, some tools when insults fly.


The first impasse - is our view of self. Part of the impasse arises in  trying to use brain to understand mind. Delving more deeply into the implications of what quantum physics has revealed about our entangled existence,  may still leave one with a feeling something like: "Wow! Amazing! I wish I could understand that better..." The impasse also arises in Man's near constant desire since Man was Man, to go beyond our physical form. Or at a minimum, escape from the reality that physical form, seems to inescapably, one day, drop dead. So a question remains, which one might phrase: "OK. I'm amazed. But what am I going to do to apply this to my life on Monday after I get up?"


Teachers - This subcategory presents Teachers bearing instructions essential to The Challenge


Ashok Gangadean, Ph.D. - to accomplish The Challenge, dialogue is essential, starting with oneself, or perhaps,... parts of oneself. If that sounds a bit schizophrenic, it's not actually. The link takes one to a too brief presentation of Doctor Gangadean, and here is some of his work on dialogue.


Thích Nhất Hạnh - welcome. - simply, to learn to practice Peace, after looking deeply in one's own heart, one should have a Master of Peace as teacher. Here he is. Practicing Peace, living it, teaching its methods, and making non-violent action work. We are honored and most gratified that the Universe has sent us Thích Nhất Hạnh.


Bernadette Blin, fondatrice de l’IRETT - (en français) there are tools for bringing Spirit into one's existence, and for regaining balance between Body | Mind | Spirit. While the Scientific Method is essential in defining Truth, it has especially of late advanced so rapidly, that it has contributed to an imbalance. A situation where Spirit is relegated to and equated with quaint, random, and uncontrolled methodology, Black Magic, GriGri and Voodoo. But tools exist and continue to emerge.  


Simon Anholt - This link will introduce you to the "Good County Index," and show you Anholt and his work. In this day and age, "a good image sells," sounds rooted in the basics of marketing. But a humanitarian form of marketing encourages coutries to abandon selfishness at a national level. Selfishness in policy decisions is no longer defensible as "preserving one's borders," and "national security." How does a proposed policy change or change of laws, impact on other membes of the family of nations, grown increasingly tied through global issues affecting all? That question merits an answer from politicians and lawmakers.



Children Know How - This is a subcategory where we try to "be all ears" and listen to the intuition, innocence, insight, and intelligence of those who are currently inheriting our world. If one listens very carefully, without starting up a monologue right off the bat, I'm betting that solutions in the Peace & Compassion Department will be forthcoming here. They already sense perhaps more than we can teach them, The Challenge.


Trusting A Child’s Intuition - Here you'll meet children, but also their teacher Mr. John Hunter and his World Peace Game. Fascinating! If only most politicians could cut to the quick like a thoughtful kid!  A clear message of hope. Caution: This is not "repeat and write after me..." education.


What Would It Take? - Serves as a brief reminder that Trust, Opening from the Heart, and Intuition seem better developed in children than most adults. Where does that go? And how can we get it back? 



Dialogue: Beyond You - Maybe this subcategory will one day be renamed. It really should be "Dialogue: Beyond You, Yet With You" but that's a little long for the space available in my Lateral Menu! how about: "Dialogue: Beyond I, Me, Mine"? But the emphasis in this subcategory is in considering all those things, those methods and tools, woven together, that lead to effective dialogue. Always to be sought, even between parties with quite different world views. Always possible? Perhaps not. As the first article below more than hints at. But an essential quest and practice, and never to be dismissed as an option. Absolutely.


"What is your relationship with ISIS?" - I can hear your answer already! This article simply tries to point to something that may be worth trying, even when faced with impossible situations.


The Stages of Deep Dialogue - Our learned behavior and methods of communication, our language choices, our way of perceiving our environment and the people in it, may possibly contain and transmit wrong perceptions: learned filters that keep us from seeing what is really out there. And that prevent us from presenting and transmitting accurately, who we are. Not only from a factual point of vue (what is or isn't there in a photograph), but from an identity point of vue. Our own point of vue, and those of others as we approach the world with the "honest intention" of communicating, questioning, learning. Who are we talking to, and who's doing the talking? May not be as evident as one might think. Have a look ...


Somehow related : Links - links to various subjects that seem to find their place.


Somehow Related : Links - Information - Where does your information come from. What does the universe of Internet information look like. This is an excellent way of gaining perspective on the question, and identifying principle sources and their relationships and balances. Who are the information merchants?


Somehow Related : Links - Health - Do you see a relation between indices of health (such as Average Survival) in a country, and presence/ absence of war?


Somehow Related : Links - Nuclear - Another topic that most Cold War survivors woul like to quietly forget. And yet, it still hasn't gone away as many had hoped it would. Cuban Missile Crisis ended all that, right? Well,... not really. The U.S. spends 2.2 million $US per hour (not a typo), to maintain its nuclear arsenal. Estimated size of the world's nucear weapons arsenal: 15,000 weapons. How many caused the problems at Nagasaki and Hiroshima? : 2. Some will quickly add: "But those 2 did bring an end to WWII in the Pacific, and rather quickly." How comforting does that feel today?


Somehow Related : Links - Poverty and Peace - extremes of poverty may be less prevalent than in recent past years (World Bank). Yet, a cycle of Poverty leading to War, leading to Poverty, leading to War, leading to ... can still be clearly identified. War between countries may by less closely linked than Civil War with Poverty.

In The News - All the news that's fit to print. That may end up being not very much. We'll see ...


Gun Control - This Article from the NY Times, compares guns to toasters to explain why sales are up. Fit to print? I suppose that fear of one's neighbor could prompt one to buy a toaster. Well, there again, that might just be New York logic.


Bombing Syria. Or bombing children? - one hesitates to look closely at the results when the bombs are let loose. One can anticipate from a distance, that there will be civilian casualties. This no matter how carefully bombing raids are planned and carried out. All of that takes place in thought. Other perspectives arise in feeling. Which is the strongest perspective to bring an end to war? Look at the picture, then decide.


Where do the refugees go? - headed for Europe, and as they pass, where and in what numbers? This is the response on December 29, 2015.


Not everyone is leaving Syria - look at and listen to this young angel, who's source of courage, is a source for all. May she grow up to be a woman in a World Without Violence Towards Women.


Migrants : mise à jour [82 + 190 = 272] - this article is in French. But the math is self-explanatory in any language. 82 refugees passed through Greece, to settle elsewhere. 190 passed through Italie. They were relocated to and received in Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Finland. So there you have the 272. That's 272 settled, of the 850,000+ refugees who poured into Europe in 2015. That's 0.032% during 8 months of discussion and debate by various EU governments. What would it take to move this right along? Dialogue, but especially, setting one's fears aside and opening one's heart, welcoming diversity. "But what if some of these refigees misbehave?" They should be treated just like you would be, if you misbehaved.


Drones & Moans : Is this crazy, or what?  Wait until you see the 2017 Defence Budget Estimate!


Welcome to Europe! - this gassing of women and children just left us speechless. How quickly the balance between law and order, and treating human beings as objects to be controlled using any and all means ... gets shifted. Always with a good excuse. 



Translations/ Traductions/ Recordings :


The Challenge, translated - let The Challenge go forth !


Le Défi (French translation) - Ici, "The Challenge" devient Le Défi. Mais sans rien perdre de son esprit.



A Guided Exo-Meditation, translated - let the Tools be shared !



Recordings - especially useful for the Guided Exo-Meditation at present. Other occasions will certainly present themselves as our process evolves. Translate it into your language, then follow the instructions below to record it and send it to to include on the site.


Listen To: A Guided Exo-Meditation. Just that. Listen in English. Here's a page with All the Guided Exo-Meditations (GEMs), a link also found in the menu ribbon above.


A Guided Exo-Meditation, with Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) - Do you already know about BWE? Give it a try to see if its useful for you. Have no idea? Read the article, and if everything fits, give it a try as well.


Record your translation - Translating some components of The Challenge into your language can be very valuable. But here, recording these parts is also a global step in the right direction. (Or, a step in the right global direction). This article provides instructions on how to do that, and how to get your beautiful voice to so everyone can hear it and be blessed !  Especially useful for exo-Meditation during The Challenge.





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If you find our logo a bit complex and overloaded, well life at times is like that.


Let's use this Diversity to support a greater Unity: The Challenge embodies this perception and practice.


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