Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

We Need Help With ...

When A Child Is Born

A newborn, though perfect in so mant ways, needs help with everything. (Except perhaps for an occasional smile that pleases all who share it).


Same here at Send Them Peace. We Need Your Help.


With what? And if you're already thinking: "Here it comes,... he's reaching into my pocket..." that's not the case.


So what is needed now, is to translate The Challenge into other languages. Into your language. Can you do that for us?


While the Google translator is getting better and better, the one at the top of the Lateral Menu on the right of this page, may make a valient effort, but will never reach the expertise, accuracy and perfection of your translation. How long will this take? I don't know, maybe 20 minutes. And as you write, repeat "Peace : Compassion."


Send your translation to :


Thank you!



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