Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

STP Overview: Central African Republic

STP Target Dates : June 11 to June 24, 2016


So many recurring themes in these Targets where Peace and Compassion can't seem to make inroads...


We will make inroads. We will SendThemPeace.  Participate in The Challenge each day.


Overview : and also


Geography/ Climate :


Target Coordinates Used (Lat./ Long.) : 4° 22' 0" N, 18° 35' 0" E 
4.366667, 18.583333


History :


Travel Guides :
Immunizations required : (Zika is endemic in the C-A-R).


People : 

Ethnic groups.jpg


Global Peace Index Ranking : Central African Republic is ranked number 157 out of 163 countries ranked, placing it between Ukraine and Yemen.


Health : and a statistical summary of health issues at (not much data, but discouraging). 
Avg. Life Expectancy 46.88 years. Infant Mortality Rate : 106 per 1000 live births.


GDP per capita (current US$) - (year: ) : 358.5 per capita 

  • (Other countries for comparison) : 

Burundi : 286/ cap in 2014 
Central Afr.Rep.: 359/ cap 2014 
Somalia : 543/ cap in 2014 
Afghanistan: 634/ cap in 2014 
Cambodia : 1,090/ cap in 2014 
Myanmar : 1,203/ cap in 2014 
Yemen : 1,408/ cap in 2013 
Syria: 2,080/ cap in 2007 
Bosnia&Hz 4,790/ cap in 2014 
Israel: 37,206/ cap in 2014 
Belgium : 47,517/ cap in 2014 
U.S.A. : 54,629/ cap in 2014

Good Country Ranking (best = 1, Sweden; worst = 163, Libya) : C-A-R ranked 160.


Corruption : ranked 145 of 167 countries. Transparency. org 's corruption perceptions index is given here : One can get a sense of the extent of corruption globally, with this map :


Strengths/ Weaknesses : Literacy: 55.2%
The above includes a quite useful summary of the unstable political environment which continues in the Central African Republic.


Peace & Compassion Deficits


Start with this short video to gain some perspective on this challenging situation : 





Will latest elections lead to Peace?


Sexual misconduct and exploitation :


Human Rights violations :


Situation of Children and Women in
"Although women are more successful (60%) in the informal sector and appear to improve their social status, in the formal private sector or the public sector their voice is barely heard in relation to their numbers involved at a national level."


Workplace Equity.jpg



A gallery of images for the Central African Republic.


Emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa.png  

The Emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa


Fula women in Paoua.jpg

Fula women in Paoua


Rebel militia in CAR.jpg


Rebel Militia member


The Sultan of Bangassou and his wives 1906.png



1905 - The Sultan of Bangassou and his wives.



Woman in Boali shelter.jpg


A woman in the Boali shelter


Airportin CAR.jpg

The airport in the Central African Republic



 About to be beheaded.

Child with knife to throat.jpg


Extremist Christian militia.jpg

Christian extremist militia members.





Looking for Muslims to behead.jpg





























Looking for Muslims to behead.



Machete in hand.jpg




Malaria vaccination.jpg


Awaiting vaccination for malaria.

Street violence.jpg

Street violence.


Will loans fix this.jpg


Will loans fix this ?


Will foreign armies fix this? 


Is this all just too much madness for anyone to do anything about?


Meet The Challenge.







His eyes are  seeking Peace and Compassion.jpg


His eyes are seeking Peace and Compassion. SendThemPeace. Each day for 12 days, 20 minutes at noon GMT.


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