Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

The 12 Presences : learn about how to optimize the awareness required for meeting The Challenge

"Where can I learn about how to meet The Challenge ?"

There are steps along the path ...


This video lasts 30 minutes. That duration will put some visitors off. But it is the most efficient source for understanding the Steps to meeting The Challenge.


Some have suggested that it is also not a bad guide for how to live one's life, but that is a peripheral benefit. Or is it somehow more central?

The Challenge Mandala.jpg


Don't have 30 minutes?


... how about 13 seconds? Play the video for 13 seconds, then stop it and look at our Wheel of The 12 Presences.


Or look here below the video, and review/ save the image for the 12 Presences, the path to follow to optimize awareness in preparing to meet The Challenge.


And come back when you have more time, to listen to the explanation ...


Prefer to read it offline when you can find the time ?


Download and save The 12 Presences in PDF format by clicking on the link.





(to Save, right-click on image, and select "Save Image As ..." )


12 Presences Wheel.jpg

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