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Send Them Peace

STP Overview : Bosnia & Herzegovina

STP Target Dates : Feb 25 - Mar 5, 2016 
Target : Boznia and Herzegovina 


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Global Peace Index Ranking : No. 53 out of 162

   One can quickly come to assume that any country or issue selected as a Target for The Challenge at must be a "real mess." Hopefully, this overview helps to bring a Target into perspective. But for comparison, the United States is #94 out of the 162. So while Peace in Bosnia was a greater concern in the years of the war there, it still has Peace concerns and, once again, related to Corruption (see below). But it has thankfully improved markedly in recent years, and nowhere near the magnitude of problem seen in our last Target (Afghanistan). It still merits being the current Target, here at SendThemPeace.


Health :


GDP per capita (current US$) - (year: ) : 4,790 in 2014
Other countries for comparison : The GDP per capita was as follows for these countries, expressed in current $US : 
Burundi : 286/ cap in 2014 
Afghanistan: 634/ cap in 2014 
Cambodia : 1,090/ cap in 2014 
Yemen : 1,408/ cap in 2013 
Syria: 2,080/ cap in 2007 
Bosnia&Hz 4,790/ cap in 2014 
Belgium : 47,517/ cap in 2014 
U.S.A. : 54,629/ cap in 2014


Good Country Ranking (best = 1, worst = 125) : 70th


Corruption :
and Rank 76 out of 168, with a score of 38/100 
Can also use map at


Strengths/ Weaknesses :
79th out of 189 countries in terms of ease of doing business. Joblessness at 43%. Also, see below, the EU Commission's 2013 Report.


Peace & Compassion Deficits :


One can get a clear idea of the challenges faced in Bosnia & Herzegovina by reading (at a minimum) the introductory summary pages

from the EU Commission on B & H, and why its entry into the EU seems stalled (2013).

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