Send Them Peace

Send Them Peace

Where Things Are Located, Membership, and Language Issues

So, ...


The host for this site is They are a French company. 


I've gotten used to their format over several years. One can use WordPress or others for a blog, but I find those others sometimes incredibly complicated to use unless one is high on the Geekdom scale. It's probably just me.


So parts of these pages will suddenly appear in French. For example, the pop-up window that appears at the bottom right as you finish this or other articles.

Don't be afraid when that happens. That pop-up serves to invite a reader to become a member. Why would you do that? To get an occasional Newsletter (none so far), and to get an email notification when there is something new. This might be a new post, or a notification that someone has commented on your comment. To leave a Comment below an Article. Not a Member? Can't leavea Comment. To participate in Forum discussion, should there one day be a Forum on this site, you have to be a Member.


Why would you not want to become a member? I don't know. I guess if suddenly lots of email started coming your way to notify of this and that..., perhaps a nuissance. As a member, you get to decide what you will be notified for. Since there are not 123 writers cranking out articles, doesn't seem like a big worry to me.


Privacy issues. You don't want your information sold to 3rd parties. OK, so we don't do that. Phishing issues. We don't know how to do that. We don't want to know how to do that.


Navigation is pretty straight forward. Either the horizontal menu at the top, or the Lateral Menu on the right. Click anywhere in the header, like on the Earth, and it takes you back to the Home Page.


You don't understand what the member sign-up pop-up is asking you to do ...


Well let me help with a little translation.


That pop-up window has a first line that reads:


"Inscrivez vous au site" = Sign up: Become a Member.


"Votre nom de membre" = Select your Member Name. This is usually a pseudonym like "BloggerJoe" for instance. Pick something you'll remember.


"Votre adress email" = Your email address. (Bet you knew that). Again, not to SPAM you, but to send you updates. Being a Member of this site is, in the final analysis, just a convenience. And again, once signed up, in your Pofile, decide what you want to receive. Receive nothing if you prefer. Fine by me.


"Un mot de passe" = You guessed it ... your password. Not your gmail, PayPal or any other Password. But your Password for managing your profile on this site. Choose something that you're not going to forget like "STP007" for instance. 


Here's this information graphically if the translation helps: 


SignUp translated.jpg



Or if it helps, check this out : Membership - How to Sign Up, which includes How to Log On once you're a Member. Nothing fancy.



Sometimes I might poll you for your opinion.


Some parts of that polling box might also have a few words of French, but usually not enough to add any confusion to the Question and it's suggested Answers.

For instance, after selecting your Answer, click "Voter" at the bottom = "Vote" and by the time you're done here, maybe you'll be fluent in French if not already, or at least a bit more globally cosmopolitan. Below "Voter" is "Tous les sondages" = "All the polls" which one would click on to see all the polls, of course.


If something pops up that you really don't understand, leave me a comment and I'll fix it, or if not a Member yet, send me an email: .


Order of Articles

Articles or Posts appear with the most recent at the top of the page. So if you want to see where the Articles in a certain Category have started from, you'll have to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and work your way up.



And thanks again for your visit.

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